(20 sheet book – one game per sheet.)
  1. (This game is suitable both for boys and girls.)
  2. Game for Geographers:
    • Geographers gather together, bringing their favourite country.
  3. Question game 1:
    • Do you often feel you are a victim of outside forces you cannot control?
      (Ask until you are satisfied)
  4. Question game 2:
    • Do you often feel lonely, even when you are with other people?
      (Ask until you haven’t heard the answer)
  5. Question game 3:
    • Do you often wish you were someone else?
      (Answered with different voices)
  6. Book game 1:
    1. Take an empty book and tell it a story while turning the pages.
    2. Read the book.
  7. Book game 2:
    1. Imagine a book.
    2. Give it to someone.
  8. Book game 3:
    2. “Thank you!”
  9. Earth-drawing game:
    • Send a radio-active package by post between various places so it will draw an image on the earth.
  10. Time game 1:
    • Find out how long time it takes to measure one minute.
  11. Time game 2:
    • Measure the time between this minute and the next one.
  12. Time game 3:
    1. Start just after it´s to late to stop.
    2. Repeat in slow motion.
  13. Eternal game:
    • Think about your life as a short version of eternity.
  14. Simplified game:
    1. Think about every original appearing as a simplified version of itself.
    2. Think about every simplified version as a new original in itself.
    3. Stop there.
  15. Write so complete autobiography that when you die no one will feel the difference.
  16. Research game:
    • Look deeper and deeper into something with a microscope. When you ask for a telescope you have gone deep enough.
  17. Time game 5:
    • “If everything has its own time, than it´s impossible that two things can happen at the same time”.
  18. Value game:
    1. Buy an orange and imagine it:
      • having been in someone’s hands
      • having been present when history was made
      • having been made of unknown material
    2. Sell it as an art-peace.
  19. Decision game – decide that:
    1. pouring coffee in a cup is unhuman
    2. opening a fridge is beautiful
    3. going to sleep is strange
    4. talking is rude
      The game is over when everybody has made the same decision.
  20. Book game 4:
    1. Find some practical way of using this book,…
    2. or at least use it to save the world.

      Can you be more specific?

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