(20 sheet book - one joke per sheet)
  1. Once a girl was pouring coffee in a cup, but it really was tea.
  2. Once there was an elevator that collected people.
  3. Once a woman held a mirror in the one hand and a picture of her in the other hand and she didn’t know what was what.
  4. Once when I was putting on my shoes I felt it was like nothing else.
  5. Once there was a man that couldn’t fly.
  6. Once a man opened his fridge and started to laugh because it was so funny.
  7. Once there was a man that thought his time was also existing outside his head.
  8. Once there was an art critic that believed that the painter saw the world as he painted it.
  9. Once there was a man that believed that the story here and now was what actually happened there and then.
  10. Once someone thought he had read the book when he had seen a movie with the same name as the book had.
  11. Once there was a man that didn’t want to go to the theatre because there were no close-ups.
  12. Once a girl searched for a needle in a haystack but she couldn’t find the haystack.
  13. Once there was a man wich everybody thought of as a co-pilot though he really was a pilot.
  14. Once there was a man that turned in to an artist every time he switched on the vacuum cleaner.
  15. Once there was a man that fell to sleep in the white sand and woke up in a coffee cup.
  16. Once a winner in a 100 meter race found out how sharp the goal-line was.
  17. Once there was a man that changed his mind every fifteen minutes and always was right.
  18. Once there was an animal-lover that couldn’t eat meat, if it wasn’t well-done.
  19. Once there was a man that died smiling in a car crash, because he used safety-belt.
  20. Once there was a man that thought he understood something completely.
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