Celebrity Street-Map 101

The artists official text

The success of Icelandic artists overseas has turned everyone’s sights toward the cultural scene in Reykjavik and people are enchanted by the multitudes of celebrities (stars and starlets) working there, undiscovered by the world.

However pleasing the added interest has it dark side, the great detachment that defines the Icelandic celebrity world. The reason for these great distances is clearly to be found in the ever-increasing need for security that borderline fame calls for. Security guards and bodyguards with specialised training, fenced in housing, secret entrances and exits at restaurants, disguise and half-truths make it increasingly difficult for fans to keep track of their favourite starlets.

Hence the average individuals are thoroughly excluded from making any contact with the celebrity world. Still, they demand to know:

What do stars eat?
Where do they have their coffee?
Where can I see them?

and last but not least: Where do they live?
But no one receives any answers, whatsoever.

It is therefore with much pleasure that the famous British service organisation HAND IN HAND has asked its Icelandic division INNAN HANDAR (In the palm of your hand) to gather information about the stars circling the Icelandic skies in the purpose of mapping out the centre of Reykjavik (zone 101) and hand out the long sought after key information about the celebrities in Iceland.

We are proud to announce that this project is by any definition the most demanding task the specialists at INNAN HANDAR have ever participated in.

To be sure there is a certain uncertainty regarding some of the addresses but the information to be found here is without any doubt the best available. We can go no further for now.

Joni Jonsdottir and Thorvaldur Thorsteinsson

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