120-minute contemporary drama

Directed by Benedikt Erlingsson, commissioned from the Reykjavik City Theatre and developed in a workshop with actors from the theatre and Benedikt Erlingsson (who edited the version of the play used in Reykjavik,) in collaboration with the author.

“And Björk, of course…” got raving reviews and strong positive reaction from the audience and was running successfully until middle of November 2002.

Soon: the three first scenes in English translation.

Few words on “AND BJÖRK, OF COURSE…”


This work is better described as a situation rather than a play. I would like people to approach the text in such a way; as a raw material for a wordy happening rather than an experiement in creating a dramatic narrative with a beginning, middle and end.

I once wrote a play called “Maríusögur” (Talespin). In it most of the characters busied themselves with letting nothing happen which could affect their fragile existence. Only the audience understood that everything was in turmoil and that changes were coming. This present work is the opposite of that, even though the conclusion is almost identical: The characters are convinced that they are taking part in an exciting journey and becoming more mature and loving but the audience see the process more as a plan rather than action. Maybe the greatest tragedy of the work lies in the characters inability to reach out to themselves, each other and the reality of their own society, not forgetting God almighty. And how they block all real changes in their own attitude and self-image. Thank God that the rest of us are not in that situation.”

Thorvaldur Thorsteinsson

The Reykjavik City Theatre cast:

  • Marta:  Sóley Elíasdóttir
  • Hans:  Gunnar Hansson
  • Þráinn:  Halldór Gylfason
  • Ásta:  Harpa Arnardóttir
  • Hulda:  Sigrún Edda Björnsdóttir (replaced by Marta Nordal in September 2002)
  • Indriði:  Þór Tulinius
  • Stefanía:  Halldóra Geirharðsdóttir
  • Sound:  Jakob Tryggvason
  • Music supervisor and artistic advisor:  Ragnar Kjartansson
  • Lights:   Kári Gíslason
  • Costumes:  Stefanía Adolfsdóttir
  • and the actors Stage design:  Stígur Steinþórsson
  • Director:  Benedikt Erlingsson

In December 2002 the play will be introduced at the Royal Court Theatre in London.

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