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I am intensively interested in life itself. How and why and all that. I love reading just about everything that has the quality to change the way one sees reality. Reaches deep within and broadens the perspective. Philosophy is a matter of interest and so are angels and fairies. I like going to Al Anon Meetings and do meditation almost every day. I don't belong to any religious group. Think it is one of the roots of so many evils in our world. I believe religion is something personal, that is how we experience it. I love swimming in the wonderful outdoor pools we have here in Iceland. Pretend I am a fish floating at the bottom of a deep ocean. I love writing poetry and novels and I also love to paint. I sing when ever I can and I like music that has some depth to it. Big bass sounds. Nature is something I need to be in ever so often. I also need to travel to other countries and I have lived in quite a few.

My best valued moments in time are when I am reading the bed time stories for my kids. This photo is from one of those sessions. My daughter lives in another country and I often read and sing for her through the phone. I tend to be an optimist. I feel strongly about my planet and I think that there is something beautiful and amazing about everything and everybody. It's all a matter of focus point. Everyday has its possibilities of adventures. I am a lucky person because I have a free will and a free choice in how I experience my life.

One thing that I find of uttermost importance is to walk my talk. And I do believe that at this point in human history there is a growing need to create alternatives to the increasing perspectives of greed and the survival of the fittest kind of thinking. I think everyday might be my last day on earth and thus I try not to push things ahead of me, just do them. I have done a lot of things that might be looked at as mistakes but I choose to see it as some sort of education. I often go in circles and make the same errors over and over again but in the end I will learn something of it. I have always taken the road less travelled. I am an empty shell that reflects the world around me. Thus I can contain nothing and thus have space for everything. I am the chameleon and I melt with the perspectives and forms around me in order to understand why people think feel act the way they do. I am art. I am poetry in motion. I can do anything I ever want to. The only limitations are my own thoughts. I believe in the power of the individual to change the world. To start a revolution in our own hearts is the only way anything will ever change and to develop compassion to the people that bother you the most. I am you and you are me and thus we are one. A different shade of humanity.

Everyone is the master of his or her reality. If you don't like yours, no one else can change it but you. And usually that change is an internal change. No matter where you go, you are always you. I am a punk, angel, corny, heathen, white trash, native, citygirl, child of nature, rebel, conservative, old world new world chameleon.