Artists and albums I've produced and worked with.


Hairdoctor - Unexpected LP - © 2005 Smekkleysa / Bad Taste

Hairdoctor aproached me in june and aksed me if was interested in mixing their album which had been recorded in a week using very questionable low budget Russian technologies. 30 seconds into the first song "Major Label" I had made up my mind! YES! even though it sounded like it was recorded in a coke can the songs and the porogramming where great and I knew right away i wanted to be part of it. Major Label ended up being the only song i actually just mixed and the rest I produced and bixed it up with them both in Iceland and in my Brooklyn studio.

The album will be released in the fall of 2005 on Bad taste records. Einar Orn from the Sugar Cubes say's that Hairdoctor is the future of Bad taste records and believes that all radio stations in the world could play Hairdoctor and that everyone will "dig" it.
When asked about their music style, they think Hairdoctor is way more Duran Duran than Múm!


BritPop Party

Block Effect

Bad Taste

Daníel Ágúst - Swalloed A Star LP- © 2006 One Litte Indian

When Daniel approched me in 2001 asking me to work on couple of his songs I was all for it. He had written the songs and done most of the string arrangements which he conducted and recorded on his own. We worked on the project on and off for about 4 years! The album was originally supposed to be only orchestral with vocals but daniel wanted to take it further and together we destroyed the string recordings added al kinds of things and sound textures to the songs which really gives a uniqe and interesting feel. Enjoy these samples and don;t forget to support daniel when the album hits the stores.



I also did a remix of his first single "If you leave me know" which you can find in the remix section


one little indian /daniel

Aria - Haze LP- © 1998 Whisper Music / © 2002 Bleep Records

I produced, wrote and recorded most of this album in a very tight timeframe with limited experience working with trained singers. It was for an artist in Iceland who called herself Aria. We finished it jsut before i moved to San francisco in 1999. I don't have a lot more to say about it really. Probably my least favourite work so far.

Bring Down The Light

A State Of Mind

Orange Meadows




Real Flavaz - 12" © 1998 For Ya Mind Reocrds

I produced 2 songs with DJ Rampage for these 17 year old twin sisters in Iceland when r&b was first catching on. One of the hardest recording sessions i've done. they fought like cats and dogs the whole time and we had no control over them. It ended up taking 2-3 weeks just to track the vocals for this song. *_*

Get it On


Subterranean - Central Magnetizm LP - © 1997 For Ya Mind Reocrds

This was the first full length album i produced and mixed. Subterranen concisted of 4 very talented young kids. 3 of them 16 and an older brother who was 19. They had done most of the beats and sample arrangements on a 4 track amiga computer. I resampled and re-arranged everything with them and made it a lot tighter. The band split up sadly after this debut album but are all doing really good stuff in their own corners.

Check It!

Mortal Kombat

To The Fullest

My Style Is Freaky

It's Tha Subta


Cell 7 Performing at the 2005 Airwaves Festival