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H u m a n i t y

His Holiness The Dalai Lama: Never Give Up
Larry Jaffe: Call to the Kindred & Dry
Todd Swift: One For Two
Anna Ekström: Untitled
Galen Strazza: I Want to Be Your Rock
Michael Lohr: Under The Warmth of an Ancient Sun
Kelly Shepherd: Bus Stop Bench
Kate Levett: In You
Kent Fielding: Dream #112
Nura Ahmad: I Chose This Path
Sharif Ezzat: Untitled
John Lowe: Calm Surrender
Eileen Tabios: A Poem's Determined Unfolding
Karon Cook: Lessons
Yvonne Eve Walus: In Retrospect
Jay Ramsay: Anytown, Stroud: To You
Boujema El Aoufi: Colored Poems for Ted Hughes
Maria Pawlikowska-Jasnorzewska: Hues
Rita Dove: Demeter Mourning
Tiago Dias: Untitled
Marek Lugowski: Spider Over The Sea Of Japan Spider Over Siberia
Jan Buchalter: Untitled
Diren Yardimli: No One Saw No One
Sam Smith: Like Us
Maryana Gaponenko: Untitled
Joan Bulauitan: The I Am Song
Rupert M Loydell: An Iconography Of Promise
Annette Marie Hyder: Well My Heart
Ismail Bala Garba: Peaceful Day
Tatiana Dolgushina: Paint All Over My Face
Asma Azeem Anser: I Do Not Know
Ozdemir Asaf: Ego & Water
Thomas Land: The Name
Peter Spiro: Singing In The Key Of E
Aoife Mannix: Storm Approaching
Ana María Rodas: There, You Ended Up Above Stacked Bodies.
Reiner Strasser: Be
E.C. Archibeque: The Enemy
Robin Sampson: PM (private message)
Jan Oskar Hansen: September and a Rainbow
Robert Mark O. Lauzon: Congruent Opposites
Alessio Zanelli: Citification Residuals Detection
Jayne Fenton Keane: Morning After
Ana Istarú: Peace
William Pitt Root: Song Of Gifts