Caroline Breton
Europe Tour - Kling & Bang
25. 08. 2008 - 25. 08. 2008
Caroline Breton sýnir lifandi innsetningu í
Kling & Bang gallerí í dag, 25 Ágúst kl. 18:00.

Sýningin er aðeins opin í einn dag og er partur af Europe Tour, sýningaferðalagi þar sem hún ferðast til 10 Evrópulanda og setur upp innsetningar og uppákomur.

Caroline Breton's performances invite the audience to freely walk amidst installations
where song, video projection and light tend to create an un-real universe, mobile and open.

Caroline Breton was born in the Camargue region (France). After completing literature and theatre studies, she went in the direction of an acting career both on stage and for motion pictures. In parallel, she starts her first creations as an artist, first as a choreographer, then as a performer, an activity which leads her to perform both in established places such as the Point Ephémère in Paris, and outside habitual show places.

“Caroline Breton’s performances take the form of a ceremo-
ny, of pagan communions where song would have the virtue
of appeasing the souls. If she gives a certain solemnity to the
territories she treads and the moves she executes, her main
effect is to inscribe the body – our body – into time and spa-
ce, questioning her engagement in the world.”
Céline Piettre/ Paris Art

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