Thorvaldur Thorsteinsson

Haaleitisbraut 34
108 Reykjavik
Tel. mobile: +354 822 3699
Tel. office: +354 588 0411


On October 30th 2004 Thorvaldur was elected President of the Federation of Icelandic Artists. With their company MyPocket Productions Thorvaldur and Helena also have taken up teaching and due to the amount of work involved Thorvaldur won’t be able to update his homepage as regularly as he used to.

In his own column Thorvaldur tells about current events…

The Artist & Writer

Thorvaldur Thorsteinsson is one of the most versatile and productive artists in Iceland. He writes books, plays and material for radio and television, and has received awards and grants both for visual arts and writing. … read more

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Photo: Pall Stefansson

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