A Priest Talks to a Convict on Death Row

Priest: Hello there. I am the priest and I am here to talk to you because you will soon be executed.

Convict: Yes, I’m told it’s coming up. It’s very bizarre.

Priest: I bet it is. It must be a very bizarre feeling, especially for a young man like yourself with so many things yet to do and such a desire to live.

Convict: Quite right. It’s a nasty feeling, and not just because I am so young and so full of ideas and have so many dreams for the future, but also because I happen to be completely innocent.

Priest: Yes, we’re both aware of that. No point in dwelling on that, however. Completely innocent people are always being executed somewhere.

Convict: Has anyone told my wife? I find it kind of strange that she hasn’t called or anything.

Priest: Oh, surely. Not that it’s any of my business. They just asked me to come by in case you wanted to tell me anything before they come and get you. Strange. To be talking to you here, now, knowing that in a few minutes you'll have kicked the bucket.

Convict: Don’t you think it’s strange that the judge kept calling me George when that isn’t my name? When I have another name altogether? Couldn’t you tell him that he’s got the wrong guy? He'll have to take that into consideration when he hears that this is all just a misunderstanding.

Priest: Sure, I’ll tell him all about it. But now let me hold you until they come. And don’t worry. It will be just like falling asleep.

Translation: Alda Sigmundsdottir







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