Kling & Bang vs. 111
Ýmsir listamenn frá Torstrasse 111, Berlín / Various Artists from Torstrasse 111, Berlin
08. 11. 2008 - 30. 11. 2008
Opens 8th of November at 4 pm.

"Kling og Bang“ and „Torstrasse 111“ are both artists-run-spaces, located in Reykjavik, Iceland, and Berlin, Germany.
"Kling og Bang vs 111“ is an exchange art project and collaboration between the two groups and the two spaces.

After a long period standing empty, one house including courtyard at Torstrasse 111 has been available for unrestricted use since 2000.
Ca. 500 m2 former living space has been merged into one unit by the consistent dismantling of specific residential structures and the re-opening of earlier apertures. It has become possible to experience the architecture, which has been adapted to the new needs of the users. The house reveals its sculptural character.

Since 2001, exhibitions of contemporary art and concerts of modern music have taken place in the house.

At the top end of the courtyard there is one of the oldest manufacturing buildings of the Rosenthaler Vorstadt, which had crumbled into a ruin over time. Since 2006, we have been preserving this ruin, preventing further decay. The existing rooms of the former manufactory have been used continually for exhibitions of international contemporary art since May 2006.

In october 2007, the artists of Kling og Bang came to Berlin, created some site-specific works and curated the exhibition "111 vs. Kling og Bang“ together with the 111-artists. The Kling og Bang-artists worked and showed their works mostly in the yard and in the former manufactory and the artist of 111 in the front house. For the november show, artists of 111 and guests will come to Iceland and exhibit together in the new gallery space of Kling og Bang.

Doing this exchange, we recess the already long existing relationship and art collaboration. Our interest is to explore the diversity of our art-attitudes. By creating site specific works and showing them together with already-existing works from artists of both groups, we are exploring the posibilities of working and exhibiting together as artists-run-spaces.

Concert at the opening with Robyn Schulkowsky + Cathy Milliken

Percussionist Robyn Schulkowsky has been an innovator and collaborator throughout her life. Since 1998, as founder of Rhythm Lab, Schulkowsky has brought drumming workshops to cities worldwide, incorporating indigenous drumming styles and patterns from around the globe. Robyn Schulkowsky is an active musician on five continents and has dedicated herself to revealing the wonders of percussion to people around the world.
Cathy Milliken, who studied oboe and piano, is one of the founders of the Ensemble Modern, giving concerts with them all over Europe with composers and conductors like György Ligeti, Peter Eötvös, George Benjamin, Heiner Goebbels, Frank Zappa oder Karlheinz Stockhausen. She works as an international composer. Since 2005, she also leads the Education department of the Berliner Philharmoniker.

111: Ingo Fröhlich, Deville Cohen, Kati Gausmann, Lukas Kühne, Karin Schroeder, Patrick Timm, Juliane Laitzsch, Jörg Broksch, Robyn Schulkowsky, Veronika Schumacher, Egill Sæbjörnsson, Inge Mahn, Cathy Milliken, Ueli Bänziger, Bosse Sudenburg, Jonathan Gröger
with support from Berliner Senat/ Kulturelle Angelegenheiten/ Projektförderung internationaler Kulturaustausch

Kling og Bang: Daniel Björnsson, Erling T.V. Klingenberg, Hekla Dögg Jónsdóttir, Kristjan Bjorn Thordarson, Nina Magnusdóttir, Sirra Sigrún Sigurðardóttir, Snorri Asmundsson, Ulfur Gronvold

Kling & Bang gallery
location: Hverfisgata 42 - 101 Reykjavik

e-mail: kob@this.is
Open Thursday-Sunday from 2-6 pm.
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