Magnús Árnason
Sjúkleiki Benedikts
05. 02. 2005 - 27. 02. 2005
The Sickness of Benedict after Magnus Arnason

Magnus Arnason asks for assistance in solving the mystery of the sickness of Benedict, a mystery that includes the clues of smell, sound, adventure of the youth and the nightmare of aging or like Benedict once said; “Benedict melancholia states that every organic state is preceded by an inorganic one, and that the aim of all life is death, hence the offense of the demolition of man simply details the terror of pure pleasure”.
Magnus Arnason is educated in Vienna and his exhibitions have always caught a lot of attention and discussions, nationally as internationally. It has been said about Magnus that he´s the darkest hope of Icelandic art.
Note; the exhibition at Kling & Bang gallery is not suitable for sensitive people and children should attend in a company of an adult.

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