Arnfinnur Amazeen
Myrkrið borið inn (à ný) - Darkness carried in (again)
10. 07. 2010 - 08. 08. 2010
Opens Saturday 10th of July at 6 pm.
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Arnfinnur Amazeen moved to Copenhagen after finishing his BA studies at the Icelandic Academy of Arts and his MFA at the Glasgow School of Art from where he graduated in 2006.
Amazeen describes his work as a kind of a distortion of found materials. It has been said about that type of art that the artist operates as a visual DJ, sampling material from all directions and then mixing it together as he sees fit for each occasion. The lack of context is in that case no less important than the possible contextual relationship created in the mix, as was established through the deconstructionist theory of the 1960s. The idea of a specific content was replaced by the emphasis on multiple interpretations.
Amazeen often plays in this spirit with the juxtaposition of photos, graphics and texts. He usually gathers the raw materials from very different sources, deluding and mangling their original meaning in the work process. However, his end result never seems to turn into chaos. On the contrary the precision and minimal approach with which Amazeen selects and reassembles his subject matters is evident. This constrained choice often gives the work the appearance of being loaded with preferred meaning and even propaganda, but playfulness and humour are never far off.
He is also interested in the concept and creation of identity where he and his role as an artist are not excluded.
An example of this is a recent print where he in a colourful and lively manner writes, "Every society gets the artists it deserves".
Alongside drawing he uses photography and the installation form together with an emphasis on text.

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The exhibition is part of the project Villa Reykjavik:

Kling & Bang gallery
Hverfisgata 42
IS-101 Reykjavik

Open July 11th-July 16th, everyday from 12-6 pm.
Open July 17th-August 8th - Thursday-Sunday from 2-6 pm.

The exhibition is supported by The Danish Association of Visual Artists and KulturKontakt Nord
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Grandagarđur 20 - 101 Reykjavík