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Trolley presents TJ Boulting presenting Kling & Bang
15. 10. 2011 - 15. 11. 2011
TJ Boulting presents the inaugural exhibition of the gallery by welcoming back to London Icelandic artist-lead gallery Kling and Bang. Previous Kling & Bang projects in London include The Tower of Now at Tate Modern's No Soul for Sale in 2010 and Sirkus, a demolished Reykjavik bar re-erected by Kling & Bang for Frieze Projects in 2008. Here they will be showing a program of predominantly video from their archive of over ten years, incorporating the work of over 60 Icelandic and international artists as a dynamic VJ installation, along with other new and recent work, and on the opening day, performance, music and a custom-built bar the artists have created in the space.



Virtual tour:
Grandagarđur 20 - 101 Reykjavík kob@this.is