Ragnar Mar Nikulasson
Og allar girndir lausbeislaðar - and unrestrained lust
21. 01. 2012 - 19. 02. 2012
Opening Saturday 21st of January at 5 pm.

Unrestrained Lusts

Only the divine is eternal and unchanging. Because the heavens or cosmos is visible, it is obviously bodily, and neither it nor its motion can be maintained without change. The design and implementation of a cost-effective motion-control system requires a high degree of expertise on the part of the person or persons responsible for the system integration. It is rare that a diverse group of components can be removed from their boxes, installed, and interconnected to form and instantly effective system. A solar system consists of the Sun and the astronomical objects are gravitationally bound in an orbit around it in a circular motion.

The global motion of the cosmos is assumed to obey the same laws that govern its individual component parts. The motion of atoms enclosed in this compound body is not linear, but vibratory, as they continually collide and rebound at intervals that vary

according to the density of the substance. All Bodies will persevere in their State of Rest or uniform direct Motion unless they are compelled to change that State by some Force impressed upon them. The Alteration of Motion is ever proportional to the impressed Force that causes it and the direction of it is in the same right line with that according to which the force is impressed.

Therefore reaction is ever equal and contrary to Action or the Actions of the two bodies and upon one another are always equal and have contrary directions. It is probable that the Particles of Fluids are exceeding small because their texture has never yet been discovered by the finest Microscope we judge them to be smooth because they are found easily to glide one over another hard and impenetrable because no fluid or air is excepted or capable of compression and to be spherical that they may only touch in some points of their surfaces and so not only may be the more easily moved but also form interstices or vacancies between them which may be proved as seen in this exhibition.


Kling & Bang gallery
Hverfisgata 42
IS-101 Reykjavik

Open Thursday-Sunday from 2-6 pm.
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