15. 07. 2006 - 13. 08. 2006
15.july - 30. july 2006
Opens 15th of July at 7.30 pm
PERFORMANCE only at the opening at 7.30 pm / EXHIBITION

“Gelitin is a group of four artists working together in Vienna - Tobias Urban, Wolfgang Gantner, Florian Reither and Ali Janka. They met in 1978 and formed a partnership in 1993. Gelitin have shown in many international exhibitions including "Dionysiac," at the Centre Pompidou, Paris and the first Moscow Biennial, both earlier this year. In 2003 they were commissioned to make a performance for the first Frieze Art Fair, London, and in 2002 they made events for the Gwangju and Liverpool Biennials. Gelitin represented Austria at the 2001 Venice Biennale. They have participated in the first Performance Biennial in New York and the Art Sheffield 05 citywide forum”. Gagosian gallery

"HUGRIS" in wonderland

Imagination is the essence of being. It can shape reality. Only those who see the invisible can accomplish the impossible. To use imagination is to see the invisible, feel the intangible and achieve the impossible. Those who say it cannot be done should not interrupt the ones doing it. Namely, people of imagination have a logical idea of what life is all about. It takes that kind of realists to believe in miracles. Refresh your imagination with everyday miracles. Is that so hard to do? We know what to do, but do we do what we know? Life leaps like a geyser for those willing to drill through the rock of inertia. Standing still is for statues. The world moves, and ideas that were good once are not always good. Today the grass is as green as it gets. Grow where you are planted. What will be has always been. If we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change. Is that so hard to do? Never mistake motion for an action. When we change what we believe, we change what we do. Imagination is like an adjustable wrench, it fits almost any nut! A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle. Minds are like parachutes - they won´t work unless they are open. Imagination dares the soul to go beyond what the eyes can see. We are only responsible for the effort, not the outcome. Imagination is hope in things unseen. Never limit your future by doing only what you have done in the past. Is that so hard to do? Heighten your perceptions and lower your expectations. Discover yourself! Everything else has been done. Imagining love is much better than reality love even when you are doing it. Never doing it is very exciting. Is that so hard to do? What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.

text collage by goddur


gelitin is comprised of four artists.
they met first in 1978, when they all attended a summercamp.
they have been playing and working together.
from 1993 they began exhibiting internationally.
2005 they changed their name from gelatin to gelitin.


Bilder zum Fürchten, Gemäldegalerie d. Akad. d. Bild. Künste, Wien
Galleri Kling & Bang, Reykjavik
Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin, Paris
Mozart - Experiment Aufklärung, Albertina, Wien
„Chinese / Synthese / Leberkäse”, Kunsthaus Bregenz
„Strozzo Papolozzo”, Galeria Massimo de Carlo, Milano


Performance Biennale, New York
„Tantamounter 24/7”, Leo Koenig Inc., New York
„Sweatwat”, Gagosian Gallery, London
Art Sheffield 05, Spectator 5, Sheffield
Joy, Casino Luxembourg, Luxembourg
„Hase”, Artesina (Italy)
„Les Grands Spectacles”, Museum der Moderne, Salzburg
„Bilder hauen – Skulpturen bauen” Zoom Kindermuseum Museumsquartier, Wien
X Wohnungen, Märkisches Viertel, Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin
„Dionysiac”, Centre Pompidou, Paris
„Les innocents aux pieds sales”, Performance, Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin, Paris
„Zapf de Pipi”, Moskau Biennale, Moskau


„Nasser Klumpatsch”, Institute of contemporary art Sofia, Bulgaria
The yugoslav biennial of young artists, Vrsac, Serbia
„Möbelsalon Käsekrainer”, Galerie Meyer Kainer, Wien
„Otto Volante”, Galeria Massimo de Carlo, Mailand


„gelatin Institut”, Leo Koenig Inc., New York
„gelatin at the shore of lake Pipi Kacka”, Performance, Frieze Art Fair, London
„Osmose II”, Haus Lange, Krefelder Kunstmuseum, Krefeld
„Arc de triomphe”, Rupertinum, Salzburg
„Im Arsch des Elefanten steckt ein Diamant”, Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt
„Golden Shower”, Performance, Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt
„Dessinez avec Desiree”, Galerie Meyer Kainer, Wien


„True LoveIV”, Gwangju / Korea, Biennale
„Win Win”, Shanghai Biennale, Shanghai
„Le Cadeau”, Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin, Paris
„Die Schlotze”, Festwochen, Berlin
„Flaschomat”, Kunsthalle St. Gallen
„Grand Marquis”, Ars Futura Galerie, Zürich
„Site de création contemporaine”, Palais de Tokyo, Paris
„Armpit”, Liverpool Biennal, Liverpool
Wald und Explosionen, Helmhaus, Zürich


„Stefan”, Art in General, New York
„gelatin is getting it all wrong again” - Leo Koenig Gallery, New York
„Die totale Osmose”, Biennale di Venezia, Venedig, Austrian Pavillion with Granular Synthesis
„You must stop curien”, Sonsbeek 9: Locus/Focus, Arnheim, Holland
„Schlund”, Marstall, München
„Furball”, Playing amongst the ruins, Royal College of Art, London


„Buttik Transportør”, Galerie Meyer Kainer, Wien
„Weltwunder”, In Between, EXPO 2000, Hannover
„Kolibri d´ amour”, with David Moises, In the beginning was Merz, Sprengel Museum, Hannover
„Lebt und arbeitet in Wien”, Kunsthalle Wien, Wien
„Das Ks Ks”, Milch vom ultrablauen Strom, Kunsthalle Krems, Krems
Die neue Künstlergeneration, Kunsthalle Krems, Krems
„A Hole to China”, 2000 Awesome Festival, Perth
„Der traurige Turm”, Max Mobil Sendemast, Krems
„The B-Thing”, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, World Trade Center, New York
„Schlürfbrunnen”, Staatz


„Schlammloch”, Alhambra, Diendorf
„Hugbox”, Liverpool Biennial, Liverpool
„The Gelatin Paprika Ship”, Bishopsgate Goodsyard, London
„Pollo Feliz”, with NEPCO, Wahlverwandschaften, Wiener Festwochen, Wien
„!Que quapo!, La Panaderia, Mexico City
„Human Elevator”, with Cargnelli/Szely, Mackie Appartment, Los Angeles
„Operation Lila”, New Hospital, Meran
„I like my job II”, Royal College of Art, London
„Overflow” mit Caroline Schneider, New York, USA
„Breakfast in Bed”, Austrian cultural institut, London, UK


„Percutaneous Delight”, P.S.1, New York
„Suck and Blow”, Spencer Brownstone Gallery, New York
„Abgasblase”, Mackie Appartment, Los Angeles
„Week-end” , Galerie Schloss Damtschach, Damtschach
„Aliale” , Krems
„I like my job I”, Honcho Magazine, New York
„Safe Harbours”, Times Up, Posthof, Linz
„Vidi Wall”, Flex, Wien


„America”, Miami, Memphis, Chattanooga, New York
„Association of Anonymous Astronauts”, with Bruno Stubenrauch, Public Netbase, Wien
„Overdub”, Kunsthaus Glarus, Glarus
„Gelatin‘s little spanking show”, Flex, Wien
„Operation Lila”, Hospital, Meran
„Lock sequence activated”, with Cargnelli/Szely, Kunstbüro, Wien
„Back from America”, Flex, Vienna
„Fresh Meat”, Not Coffee Studio, New York
„Take the elevator to the 3rd Floor”, Safe, New York
„Truck high”, Highways, Austria


„Pronoia in Exnerland”, Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Wien
„Les Bubble Gelatin”, Mariahilferstrasse, Wien
„Break the safe”, Einsiedlerplatz, Wien
„Junge Szene 1996”, Secession, Wien
„Real Sex”, Südrast, A2
„Coming up”, Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig, 20er Haus, Wien
„Double Bubble”, Galerie Land Niederösterreich
„Der große Tobilisator”, Schottenfeldgasse, Wien
„Low pressure”, Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst, St. Moritz
„Sea of Madness”, Kärnten, Budapest, Graz, Kunsthaus Glarus


„Fake Sex”, Raststation Mondsee
„Reise nach Rom”, Stadtsaal, Krems
„G. C. Ballina International”, Galerie Station 3, Wien


„Flat Rabbit” Jesolo, Italy
„Vier Tage Schönes Leben”, Altes Schlachthaus, Krems
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